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GAVY 100 / GAVY 200 Application Form 

Everyone must go through this application process before being awarded a space to book on GAVY Trainings.

You must include 2 letters of recommendation from yoga teachers you have worked with. If you are currently teaching yoga, you may include one from a student. 

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    Refund Policy for Yoga Teacher Trainings


    • Payments are 80% refundable more than 30-days prior to start of any training. 
    • Payments 50% refundable 15 to 30-days prior to any training
    • No refunds within 15-days of start date of any training.
    • Please Note! US$500 of first payment (partial or complete) is for the GAVY Home Study Course, therefore this amount is non-refundable! 


    Payment Terms

    1. Payment terms for each training are defined by the prices and payments listed for each individual training. This will differ for the 100 hour trainings versus the 200 hour trainings.


    Book/Material Requirement List

    1. We will use ASHTANGA YOGA MADE SIMPLE (book) by Michael Gannon
    3. Primary Series Poster by Michael Gannon (large size).

    You must have these items more than one month before the start of the course. To be used with your 30-day GAVY Home Study Course. The CD and Poster is available online around the world. See www.MichaelGannonYoga.com for availability details.

    4. Ashtanga Yoga with Michael Gannon (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android phones)


    Other recommended items (not required) that will give you additional information on history, philosophy, techniques, practices and inspiration are From Heaven to Earth (DVD) by Michael Gannon, and Opening Your Heart – Elements of Backbending (DVD) by Michael Gannon and Opening Your Lotus – Elements of Sitting (DVD) by Michael Gannon. 



    Payment Options 

    You have several options to pay for your GAVY Teacher Apprenticeship with Michael. 

    1. Mail certified check, bank draft or money order to: Ask for bank details
    2. Banks Transfer/Deposit in USA to: Ask for bank details
    3. Bank Transfer/Deposit in Mexico to: Ask for bank details
    4. Bank Transfer/Deposit in the UK & Europe to: Ask for bank details
    5. Credit Card on michaelgannonyoga.com via Paypal (US$90 fee must be added to total payment)


    NOTE of Bank Wire Transfer Fees: Each bank wire transfer incurs bank-processing fees on our end. You must add the appropriate additional fee onto your payment total. 


    US$15 for national wire transfers and US$25 for International wire transfers.


    Please include appropriate notations on all wires along with your name to help identify the wire. Also send an email (include wire transfer confirmation number) alerting us of your transfer so we can verify it and send you a confirmation via email. For your own security, make sure your bank gives you a confirmation number for the wire transfer.


    Michael Gannon Yoga is a USA based company.  All teacher training tuition payments do not include Mexican IVA.  If you need a Mexican factura the relevant 16% must be added on to your total tuition.



     Anybody with a basic level of experience in yoga may take this training simply for their own learning. To qualify to receive a GAVY Certificate to teach this system you must excel in written exams, verbal exams and practical teaching exams. Without successfully demonstrating your learning with these exams, you will not receive a certificate. You may choose to repeat the course at 50% off and test for the GAVY Certificate again.

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