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  +52 (984) 803-0352

NEW Physiotherapy And Feldenkrais Method At Yogaloft!

NEW Physiotherapy And Feldenkrais Method At Yogaloft!

Benito Herrera

Physiotherapeutist by profession. Master Feldenkrais by the Mexican Association of the Feldenkrais Method. KT Taping Certificated. Expert in joint and soft tissue mobilization therapies to recover and improve movement and physical exercise.


After any fall, accident or physical trauma the balance between all the components of the locomotor system is loss. Causing imbalances in its functioning. Pain becomes a clear and precise signal that our body is out of balance and requires adjustments of all the affected structures.

Therefore, through the treatment sessions positive effects are generated on the person. Improving the alignments relate to the imbalances of the locomotor system giving the person freedom and authority over their moving, body and life.

Among the main effects obtained in the body, we found out:

  • Reduce muscle tension and relieve the pain.
  • Improve tissue mobility and quality movement.
  • Avoid the risk of injuries and their aggravation.
  • Relax the body and mind to improve rest and sleep quality.
  • Increase the feeling of well-being and provide vitality.
  • Relearn healthy movement patterns.
  • Reactivate natural mechanisms in the person of the self-regeneration and healing.
Costs per session (Includes evaluation and treatment): $1,300.- mxn 
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